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Hi nysmurfett!

Mike and I sailed on the Inspiration last June/July for a family reunion - it was awesome! That boat is one of the smaller ones, however I understand it just underwent at MAJOR facelift and I'd love to see the differences! We shared a stateroom with my sister and it was cozy!!! but fine - really, we were hardly ever in our rooms anyhow. The weather was HOT then and the chairs by the pool were at a premium ... Mike went up there at 6:30am one day and they were all already claimed! We beat the heat inside a lot at the various contests and even managed to take home three 24k-plastic-Ship-on-a-Stick trophies for our efforts! My cousin and I made it to the finals of the Slot Tournament and my dad also made the finals of the Blackjack Tournament - I'd highly recommend participating! On Cozumel we chose to do Passion Island - just a super-relaxing beach with lunch, hammocks, beach lounge chairs, and free drinks. We still had time afterward to hit up Carlos & Charlie's(I think?) before reboarding. One of the hurricanes a few summers back took out the pier so it's a tender ride in and out of shore. All in all we had a great time. I'd say though, that as with any vacation, they are what you make of them - choose to have fun and you will!

Enjoy your trip!