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andyham-I agree that the prices you quoted seem a little high but you didn't comment on the quality of food in all the specialty restaurants-there are several that don't charge a fee,nor did you mention the 2for1 specials at Cagney's or Le Bistro! Even at $20 additional for a great steak at Cagney's or $15 for a meal at Le Bistro-the prices are still better than a great restaurant ashore! Have you purchased cocktails at a good shore restaurant or nightclub lately? Prices ashore in Europe have gone off the scale due to our lowered dollar value! Maybe your criticism is a wee bit unfair-I feel NCL holds its own quite competitively with other cruise lines. Perhaps NCL is not the cruiseline for you! Don't give up cruising-but don't be afraid to try another cruiseline or cruise style and always be prepared for the prices!

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