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hello here are my two cents

Ok I cannot tell you about Celebrity I have never traveled with them because their “time range” I got my vacations during summer.

Now this summer I travel on the Carnival destiny
Second time on the ship I really enjoy it will visit again definitively…
• Is a Fun ship you can party all the time and is cheaper than the AOS ($200 per person less the AOS in my case).
• The food is better than RCCL and you can eat when ever you want no worries.
• The activities are until early hours in the morning and the diversity is better than RCCl, so is this way you will have the time of your life because the ship is better the AOS.
• More Islands for less price st.Thomas, Dominica, Barbados , St. Lucia and Antigua
• the ship is older than AOS and there are a few signs of her age.
• The air conditioning in the ship is not as good as AOS
• The sport activities are limited and replaced with more like Vegas atmosphere.
• The itinerary will change next year, instead of st Lucia and Antigua they will go to Dominican Republic and is not better than the one in the AOS.

I traveled last year in the Adventure of the Seas
I enjoy it but with reserves…I will visit it next year
• Nice ship is almost new and on good condition
• The sports activities include: golf, tennis, climbing, roller blades etc.
• Johnny rockets WOW only problem $3.99 each visit per person.
• The itinerary is much better Aruba (Carlos and Charles!!!), Curacao, St. Martin and st.thomas nice islands better than the itinerary of the Destiny.
• The shows are better than carnival, not the comedian, but the others are.
• Food!!! If you like to eat good food after 9:00 pm you will have to pay is either that or seven eleven sandwiches on the café promenade… even on the midnight “buffet” the portions are small
Sorry guys that’s the way I see it…they are cheap on food on this ship, I didn’t enjoy the best part of cruising THE FOOD…
• RCCL is a company that do not enjoy giving, prices even on the ship are way expensive than carnival Destiny. I got 10 photos at carnival for $70 and on the AOS I spend $80 dollars in four photos…
• The activities one the ship are directed toward a older crowd, let me explain: I don’t like to pass my cruise learning to fold napkins, I like to have fun comedy show at midnight and I don’t like sport
Want to enjoy the FUN ship go with carnival the itinerary for me is no good next year
Want to enjoy the islands go with RCCL as for the ship will see next year…