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Inside vs. outside.

Inside is a better deal in my opinion for a couple reasons. Yes, as stated, you are only sleeping, bathing and changing clothes in your stateroom. (Well, let's leave the other options to the imagination.)

However an ocean view is exactly that! 90 % of the time you see ocean. Ocean and sea-air combined? Well that is another story. Nothing compares to a balcony suite or "veranda" as some lines call it.

Having your first coffee of the day on the balcony is a pleasure that can not be easily described. But you didn't ask about the balcony option. Your first cruise? Okay, take the ocean view and enjoy it! That was our first experience and it was great. Your options may be limited with the time you have so plan on either, as long as it gets you out on the high seas!

Many of us who cruise regularly are up with the sun to watch the ship come alongside in various ports. The porthole or window is okay, but it is only a view from one side and a very "flat" view! The sun deck gives you a multi-sensory experience with sight, sound and smells that you don't get from your stateroom!