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Hello, tomah and welcome from me also.

I have only been to the Mexican Riviera on Princess, and while I'm sure the tours are similar, I really shouldn't comment on a tour on which I haven't actually been.

I will say the all-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta is a much better choice than the City, Costal, and Countryside Drives for a less-active excursion.

And while I understand completely your desire to avoid the higher prices of the ship sponsored parasailing and jet ski excursions, I have seen some pretty shoddy equipment used by the "book on the pier" vendors. There are of course some very reputable operators also. But given the short time you have in these ports, are you sure you can pick the right ones on the spot? Not that you get any guarantees with the ship tours, but at least they have undergone a certain level of sscrutiny.

Just my opinion, tomah; but if it were one of my sons, considering the hazardous nature of parasailing in particular, I wouldn't spare any expense.