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Dave, thank you very much for taking time to help me. But first I'm going to give them a couple days. Today, the person from C&A told me to wait and see after 72 hours, if it happens again. I think their internet system is not very good or something.

We are Asian, so our names are complicated. I did ask them to take out the middle names on the C&A record, to make it easier. They say that everything is already fixed, the very next time I call, again they say "Uh,which one is your middle name, which one is your first name , which one the last name?"

Can you give me some sort of the address? I will make copies of the sea passes, C&A cards and send them to you. It will be easier that way.

With the cruise coming up on the Liberty, we're so excited and maybe I get to meet Sonny and his wife too. I don't want to look at the annoying message every time I log on, but I can't help it

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