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Hi Everyone,

I was also one who never took insurance but I will never travel without it again. Three years ago, my Dad was very ill so for the first time we bought cancellation/interuption insurance and used it, not because of Dad but because of a snow storm, our flight was delayed and we missed the ship out of Miami. The airline paid to get us to Grand Cayman (the next port of call) but after that, we were on our own. We saved all the receipts (cabs, meals,drinks,hotel,etc) and every cent was reinbused through insurance. Needless to say, we have purchased insurance ever since and unfortunately had to use it again this year. I slipped on ice and had a severe tibia/fibula fracture which required surgery. Every thing was reinbursed by the insurance except I had to pay the Doctor to fill out the medical form. For me,there is no question,I will always buy it, simply for the piece of mind. Casanova, sorry I didn't get to visit your beautiful Island and congrats on your new addition, hopefully, next year I too will (finally) get on the Victory. Have enjoyed reading all your entries all winter as I sat in my wheel chair and wished I was with you. Also, we have medical insurance though our work but if I didn't, I would certainly purchase that as well. Hope this is useful.