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Yes, I have did the on line registration and I have my passport ready to go. I do know what you are talking about with regards to people not having the necessary document i.e. passport ect. out and ready no matter where they are, not just at cruise ports but in lines to check in to airports or hotel counters (credit cards).......need I go on? One that never ceases to amaze me are the people going through the fast food/coffee shops drive through and don't get the purse/wallet out until they are at the pick up window!!! Oh well it takes all kinds. It took a bit of getting used to the e-ticket for flights, had a problem "trusting" the computer systems (ha ha) but now it is common place and so far, so good with them having me in their system when I get to the airport. I will not worry about it any more.
Feb 1st and on to the Voolendam, YAAHOOOOOO!!!Thank all of you for your helpful advice. Smooth Sailings, Sharon