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This kids missed The Quest game and the entertainment and dancing options on RCCL. 70s and 80s dance nights are big hits with them also. This not as fun. Also the sports deck on Princess is really an after thought-up at the top and very small. Uninspiring mini-golf, small basketball court. I believe if this had been their first cruise they would have been satisfied but there was just too much comparison. They said they would go again, just preferred RCCL. My kids started cruising at age 8 & 15 and are now 16 & 23 (plus son in law) and have not used the kids or teen programs preferring to hang out as a family or with each other.

They did really like that there were less people by the pool and they didn't feel they had to fight to get loungers, and even got 3-4 in a row for us at times which never happens on RCCL where people start laying in the sun and saving spots at 9 in the morning!
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