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Okay - so this is early notice, but...

We will be on the Glory on April 5th next year, and my 14 year old daughter (and 10 year old son) will be with us. Last year, our daughter couldn't find anyone she was interested in "hanging out" with in Camp Carnival, so she just either hung out by herself or was a shadow for me and my husband. (She still had a good time - it would have been a better time though if she'd had a friend).

I am hoping there will be someone else going on this cruise that is roughly her age that she can meet and really bond with. Maybe they can even chat between now and cruise time.

We have also considered letting her bring a friend along - if they would pay their own way, except that we just have one room for the four of us - with the two uppers. I don't think we would be allowed to put another person in the same room - right?