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I agree with the rest...if your friend does anything in Montego, do it with the cruise line. We did the White Witch tour and they took us to a totally secure place to shop where no locals could get in. Prices reflected that as well - strictly upper end goods. My sister and I did venture to the ship's recommended shopping area from Margaritaville. The doorman got the taxi for us and requested we stay safely inside the door until it was arranged. Only problem, once he had us in the taxi, the guy wanted more money or he would leave us. We were close enough to Margaritaville that we got out of the taxi and found another that would accept the doorman's price. Once to the shopping area, IT WAS HORRIBLE. People pulling at us and the shopping was awful ... we quickly bought the tee-shirts and got into the same cab we took there and he took us back to the pier. If we ever go there again, I will also stay on the ship - it just isn't worth the hassle.