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Adventure Bound often runs a second boat departing at 9:00 am each day. You might call them and inquire whether the "Capt. Cook" might also be running an hour later that day.

Other options for Tracy Arm include Allen Marine (large catamaran tour), Harv & Marv's Outback Alaska (28' small boats) or Alaskan Marine Adventures (35' small boat.) The Allen Marine tour will be similar to Adventure Bound in that it's a large vessel with up to 100 or 150 guests on board. The 2 small boat tours will both be the spendier option, and will max at 6 guests per boat.

I don't know of any itineraries that allow 9 to 10 hours in Juneau AND cruise Glacier Bay. As far as the advice above about booking a Tracy Arm via the cruise line, the only cruise lines that I know of booking Tracy Arm are the ones that sail IN Tracy Arm for 1/2 of the day. They sell a wonderful 5-hour add-on excursion where you depart Juneau ahead of the cruise ship, tour Tracy Arm, then meet up with your cruise IN Tracy Arm to end the day.

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