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Sorry for the diversion, everyone. We've deleted inappropriate messages, made all the more so considering they were attached to a thread about the passing of a human being.

Back on track now...

I've been doing some reading the past couple of days about Ms. Dean and others who survived the Titanic disaster. Titanic is usually associated with luxury and the previously famous people who perished that night, and so I have long had an interest in the so-called everyday person who crossed the ocean. What was life like on the ship? What was the purpose of their crossing? Many, like Mr. Dean, were hoping to start a new life in America. My grandparents/great-grandparents did the same thing between 1900-1910. JillSC, it sounds like your family did, as well.

There were several Titanic survivors who lived very long lives subsequently, and I thank them for sharing their stories with us. Rest in peace, Ms. Dean.
Happy cruising!