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Gary, we haven't done the cruise, but have had friends that did. There are a lot of sea days, which is great, but you are rushed on some of the islands to take everything in. Unless, you do a helicopter tour. I went to Oahu for a week and did out island trips while there. One of the best excursions I did was the helicopter tour. You cannot see a fraction of what we viewed from the ground, it was totally amazing. They flew up to water falls, into craters, just breath-taking views. Also, you can cover a lot of territory in a short time. I'm so glad I went when I did because now it would cost an arm and a leg. I would think touring the islands by ship would be fantastic, especially if the volcano is active and you could see that from off shore. You'll have a great time and can get a taste of which island you'd like to visit again. Princess does offer some great packages, but if you have credits on HAL, no need not to spend them