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Ketchikan is big on kayaking. You can find hiking tours in Skagway and Juneau. There are some great wildlife tours of Haines that you can take a short boat ride out of Skagway to get to. There is also rafting tours to take in Juneau.

There are tours available in each of these towns to take on your own and they will all have information near the ships. Your best bet because some of these book up fast is to go online and check out each of these towns. They will have tour outfits listed in their websites. You can also write the chamber of commerce in each of these areas and they will gladly send you a lot of information on tour guides in these areas. That is how I found a lot of information the first time we went to Alaska.

My wife is handicapped so we do not do much along the line of physically challenging tours so I really can't help you with the names of any outfits that are the best for those activities.