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I just came back...everything was so perfect. I was afraid about the critics, but I can not complain about anything during the cruise, and of course, all the ports were amazing.

We only had a problem in rhodes, because of the weather the ship couldn't stop there but it wasn't a big deal due to it was the less important port for us.

We went on a budget so we took taxis to make our own tours, and we really saved a lot of money. In Rome we took the train, and in Crete we took the bus (2 blocks from the port)to go to knossos and we pay 2.50 Euros. In Athens we took a taxi to the acropolis (outside the port) and we pay 11 euros to go and 9 euros to come back. In Izmir we took a taxi for 70 euros, to go to Virgin Mary's house, ephesus,market and then back to the port...
The only tour we took was with Mohamed Marwan, I find him in this site and he was highly recommended, I wasn't sure about him, but I met him in the gate port in Alexandria, he waited for us more than an hour (we were late), he didn't complain, his english was perfect, he had a driver and we went to El Cairo for a 12 hours tour, the piramyds of Giza, Sphinx, Museum, market (lunch and entrance fees included), we also went to the museum which is huge. I regret we only went for the day because in Alexandria there is nothing as interesting as in El Cairo. So if you go with Mohamed Marwan asked him to overnight in El Cairo.
Mohamed Marwan is an independent tour guide and his email is, you won't regret if you contact him, and of course it will be much cheaper.

I want to thank, specially HANK who was very helpful with tips in this cruise.

If I can help somebody with my experience just let me know!

I can not wait for my next cruise, maybe North Europe... any suggestions?