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All: I was on the February 25th sailing of the Sun and have a couple of comments to make.
1. When I finally received my leather garment bag (not new, but serviceable), it had been destroyed. It had evidently been caught on a conveyor belt, ripping the center handle system almost completely off. One side had been abraided with a lot of heat from the friction and had melted some of the rubber from the belt into some of my clothes. Two new shirts were destroyed. Upon taking photos of the damage and presenting them to the Service Desk, I got some questionable looks and comments that intimated I might have set this up! The lady there wanted me to bring the damaged goods to her. I did and filled out a claim form. The next day, I was told I could have a $50 shipboard credit, but anything else would have to come from Miami IF I wanted to persue it. I have been on 19 cruises (5th on Norwegian) and never experienced anything like this. Has anyone else?

2. The main dining rooms seem to have reduced the quality of the fare. This I was told is due to having a new head chef. One of the highlights of prior Norwegian cruises was the presidential menu, which is now history. Also, the cold fruit-flavored soups that my wife and I were so fond of are no longer ice cream based and much thinner. Entrees now seem to be more on the order of a family restaurant. I believe these changes have been made to make the extra cost options more enticing. Anyone else have other ideas?

Service was pretty good for Freestyle with only one instance of having to ask for the initial bread to be brought to the table.

We did meet some good people and made several new friends. We took a shore excursion in Guatemala that included a 3-1/2 hour boat ride upriver. I was talking with one of the other passengers and discovered that I had gone to grammar school with him! I hadn't seen him in 55 years! That was some reunion.

Sorry about the long post.