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For me is cruising a perfect way, to forget my normal live at home.
Im a business owner and have so many things to organize and to decide so many things for other people.

Then, being on a cruise its only me and my husband, everything is relaxing, everything would be done for you.
You have mostly a wonderful crew, they want you to have the vacation of your life. You get a breakfirst with omelets, specially made for your taste. You have time, can talk to nice people (or not). The only decisions you have to make are: what to wear, what to eat, what to do in port or on board. But there is no pressure.
And then the dinner is for us the highlight of the day. Served perfectly from great people, doing their best for you. And again, the only thing you have to do, is to decide what you like and to show the crew, that you appreciate their service for you and that you are pleased.
And when you go to bed, you know, the next morning you will be at another wonderful place and you have nothing to organize.

I hope, you understand, why cruising is a obsession for me and for everyone, who have done that. You are getting addicted.