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Originally posted by fivepoints:
I hope my suspicions are correct in that SOMEWHERE on the ships there are weapons and undercover security personnel. Kind of like U.S. Air Marshalls except on ships. Can anyone here speak about that? Also, I'm curious if the U.S. government has any input regarding security procedures, although most big ships seem to be registered outside of the U.S. (I'll bet that has something to do with taxes). Regarding personal safety, one thing I have learned in my 51 years living in the big city: NEVER show fear. It works suprisingly well in some pretty tight spots.
When I read posts like this I don't know wether I should cry or laugh!

No - there are not weapons onboard a cruise ship and I think we all should be happy for that.

There are however, since 2004, tight and thorough security procedures in force for all ships in all ports.

This "fantastic" code ISPS (international ship and port security code) has been a nightmare to me and every other ship officer. (Sorry if I become a touch political here, but I think I'm pretty much on-topic. Feel free to edit my post if needed)

PS - here's one shocking news to you: In Norway even the police in the streets is not armed, have that in mind next time you arrive Oslo on a cruise ship

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