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Thanks Sandy and wayoverhere for these first replies which are helpful...and yes, I've also checked out Holland America cruises. I will look into Princess as well...

May weather does sound challenging. Just wondering, would there be a great deal of difference between May and June? That is, if we go in late June instead of late May, do you think the additional expense would be well worth it in terms of more hospitable weather?
My fiance has said that he doesn't want to be "cold and miserable" during the trip.
We could perhaps go in June (or July), and then pinch pennies elsewhere. For example, we could stay in an inside cabin instead of an outside cabin.

Sandy: in what sense is May a "gorgeous time of year"?

I hope to get more replies on the Glacier question. How much emphasis would veteran cruisers give "Glacier Bay" (as opposed to other intineraries) as enhancing the whole experience?

Thanks. Looking foward to replies and general suggestions from any and all...