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You get all you can drink (I think they lost money on us!), use of thier pools, beach and a wonderful lunch at the restaurant. Sandals charges as much as $100 for a day pass, so compared to that it's not too bad. Hint: Bring your own towels from the ship, if you don't they'll let you use thiers but you'll have to leave a deposit. You will have to get a cab to Long Bay Beach which is on the other side of the island, takes about 1/2 hour as I recall. We shared a cab with another couple who were going to the public beach which is next to the Pinapple Beach Resort. I believe it was $16pp or $32 for both of us for a round trip. The same driver picked us up at a predetermined time when we were done. (don't pay for the round trip fare completely until they pick you up in case they don't show up. I heard that cab rates are fixed already. We told someone outside the cruise ship dock that we needed a cab and they found us a driver who already had a couple going there. The day we were there was overcast and drizzly, which you can see in the pictures. It was still a great time, I'm sure it would have been more spectacular if the sun was shinning!