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There is an early disembarking but only for passengers that have booked early flights, early is defined as anything before 1:30pm. If your flight is at 1:31 then you cannot get off early. Then there is the self assist which honestly is a joke at the bigger ports and larger ships. We did this on the Inspiration the first time and it was ok, second time we did regular. We also did regular on the Glory in October. The self-assist people were freaking out about missing their plane out of Orlando. My advice, if you can, book a late flight or even the next day to avoid the possibility of missing it.

And if I may. If you have those gigundus wheeled bags, put them out the night before. Nothing like holding up everyone else because you want to carry your stuff off.

Oh yeah. When we did the self-assist on the Inspiration, they shut down ALL the elevators. We were told you had to actually carry, not roll your bags. There were crew members taking bags from people that were rolling them and they had to wait for the bags in the baggage claim area, and some missed flights because of it. On the Glory. They only shut down the glass elevators, that made it hectic to say the least.

Basically, plan your flights with this in mind.