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Originally posted by LHP:
Also be aware that they can not be used with the Military Discount or Interline Discount.

But they CAN be used with all other discounts and you get it in addition to the Stockholder's OBC.

We bought 10 on the Freedom and have used 3 without an issue.

While the presentation may say "applies to the downpayment"....the earlier poster is correct. It is applied to the final payment...NOT the downpayment.
I am frustrated with this at the moment! I also purchased a couple of these certificates. I came home from my last cruise, and booked my new one and received the Welcome Home Credit, and now when I try to use my Certificate, they are telling me I can't use both the welcome home credit (which is $50), AND the certificate. WHY??? I am trying to fight it with my PVP, and am still hoping I can get both. Have you run into this problem?