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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
A lot of what is written into a cruise line contract has it's roots in a lawsuit. Now, I am not opposed to good trial lawyers. Having good attorneys represent me in a personal injury claim is why I was able to retire so young. But it would not surprise me to learn that sometime in the past, a Carnival passenger sued because they were in some trivial photo and they hadn't signed a release or were otherwise compensated.
It not alway that they want to be compensated. This topic comes up now and then on a photo forum I go to.
Sometimes people just do like like to have the pic taken.
Sometime (and this has happen) they are somewhere they should not be and get caught on the news or some other way. A lady was caught camping in Colorado when she was suppose to be on home in bed ... not camping.
Sometimes they are with someone they are not supposed to be with , and it airs on the news. Everything that happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas .
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