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I booked a back to back trip Nov 3-24 on Aug 3. My agent requested a quote for airfare from their air dept., Fare Share. When I didn't hear from Fare Share, (Agent John told me the folks at Fare Share were on vacation). I waited. I called back and John suggested that I look for my own airline tickets via, and to be helpful he gave the name of another independent travel agent.

After finding flights thru, I called John to confirm that the flights via worked with my cruise, he said they would and to go ahead and book them. I did. I told him that Fare Share had never contacted me, or returned me phone calls and he apologized saying that that wasn’t like them.

Suddenly Fare Share debits my account for $1,758 for air fare. I called; they apologized for the mix up and said they would credit to my account in 4-6 weeks. Guess what. That never happened. The Katie (Accounting) wouldn't return my phone calls; the CEO hasn’t returned my phone calls. I highly doubt if they purchased the trip cancellation insurance that I had bought.

Windjammer’s web site has disappeared. They are canceling cruises. I asked them 3 weeks ago if they were having financial difficulty - No, they said. Growing more alarmed by their silence I called to see if they were going into bankruptcy – they denied that too. I sent a letter requesting a case number should they file bankruptcy.

I have(2)airfares for two back-to-back cruises on a ships that probably won't be sailing. So John, Katie, Shannon, and Mercy...Thanks a million! Does enabling mean anything to you?

Maybe you can explain to my Husband where the $5,875 spent to celebrate his 5oth Birthday went.