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My wife and I are trying to decide between going for 7 or 14 days out of San Juan on a Southern Caribbean Cruise. We were thinking of doing 7 days and then a week touring Puerto Rico ourselves just for a change and to hang out at the beach and do some scuba diving but then on the other hand it would be easier just to plan on staying on the boat the whole time and doing the 14 day but I have only been on one other cruise with a bunch of friends years ago (and my wife has never been on one) so I have a few questions just wondering if we will get tired of being on the ship for 2 weeks, or maybe not tired of it but wondering if it will put us over our budget. Here are a couple of my questions. Any input would be great.
1. I think i would be interested in those courses they mention, peculiarity the cooking and photography courses BUT do those cost anything?
2. We are going to "splurge" and get a balcony because they are very reasonably priced on this cruise and i can't imagine a better spot to just sit and chill reading a book but because of this i don't want to be spending a lot of extra money so.....
2a) on most of the ports in the southern Caribbean are we going to be able to head off and find a nice beach to hang out and do some snorkeling on our own without much of an expense?
2b) Is there anything stopping me from buying a few bottles of wine in Puerto Rico and bring them into our room to enjoy on our balcony?

3. Is there enough variety of food that you are not sick of it after 14 days?

That is all i can think of right not but i am sure i will think of more.

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