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So sorry to hear it was not a good excursion. But thanks for sharing so that others do not make that mistake.

We have been to Jamaica many times and personally, it is not my favorite port.

If we get off the ship, it is only with a ship excursion. This is the only port that we use a ship excursion only.

We are pretty adventureous people. ~~We landed in Israel, grabbed a taxi to Tel Aviv (the driver spoke very little English) to our hotel and walked from Tel Aviv to Jaffa and back by ourselves in 2000 (about 5 miles one way) along the beach.~~

But I have never gotten that warm and fuzzy feeling about Jamaica. Fortunately, the ship tours we have taken have worked out well. We floated down the "Great River" (which is Jamaican for shallow stream) on a bamboo raft for 2. That was fun. Of course, Dunns River Falls. One time it was just shopping and Margaritaville.

It is a shame that the aggressive nature overshadows how warm some of the people we have met can be.

From what we have been told, the lack of "hope" is breeding desperation in that country.

Hope the rest of your cruise was good.