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in contrast to Laine, I would take the "Dream" over the "Sea" any day. "Norwegian Sea" (which has left the fleet, by the way, and is now operated by NCL parent company Star Cruises as the "SuperStar Libra") was NCL's first newbuild in almost 20 years and has many similarities to Scandinavian cruise ferries, including tiny cabins, painted steel open decks etc.

"Norwegian Dream" on the other hand was a beautiful ship when she first entered service with NCL as the "Dreamward". I must admit that the "chop-and-stretch" operation she underwent in 1998 didn't improve her, however. She feels fairly crowded when full, but then this was also the case on "Norwegian Sea". "Norwegian Dream's" cabins are also somewhat larger and the layout is better (even though it's not particularly excellent IMHO).
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