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Jim, Sandy is right-on…there's only a few travel agents on this board. I'm not, nor do I ever intend to become one.

There's probably a lot more people on a budget than you think. Wendy, paying an extra grand for a balcony isn't going to help your budget. This is your first cruise and you're going to be in total awe even in an inside cabin. I've been in several inside cabins and still enjoyed my cruise. I use the cabin as a bedroom with a bathroom. At home I don't spend much time in my bedroom when I'm awake—same thing on a ship. Even when I'm in a balcony cabin or suite I don't spend much time in my cabin. Oh, sure, it's great to have a bigger cabin with a balcony, but is it worth the extra $ if your on a budget?…I don't think so. Other's will probably disagree with me, but I've been on over 40 cruises and can give you my opinion with experience. It really depends on how tight your budget is.