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I may be nuts but I have booked tickets through Rail Europe as follows-

Total price for this product for all passengers: USD 64.00 From Civitavecchia to Rome Freedom, 2nd class; 1 adult, 1 youth
[07:59 AM-09:20 AM] 5/3/08, train 7157
Civitavecchia to Roma Termini,
No rail protection plan included

Freedom, 2nd class; 1 adult, 1 youth
[05:46 PM-06:32 PM] 5/3/08, train 542
Roma Termini to Civitavecchia, Seat
No rail protection plan included

S&H: US 2-3 days USD 18.00
Grand Total: USD 82.00

Here are my questions---

Is the 7:59am to Rome train far too agressive of a time to make given that our ship arrives at 7a.m.? Myself and my son are fit and prepared to get up early and hustle to the train station which I understand is just a few blocks from the port entrance.

How early would we have to appear at the gangplank to disembark near the front of the line in order to make such an early train?

Is this scenario absolutely impossible and do I need to rebook the train?

Another question....I have heard comments that people have traveled into Rome from Port for around 10 Euro (2 years ago). Are there cheaper trains at the same Civitavecchia station?

Should I just purchase our rail tickets at the station?

Our morning train ticket purchase can be switched to a later train, per the terms of the purchase, if necessary.

Our evening train (which I purchased in error, had a little wine while booking and meant to arrive at 5:46 not depart, lol) I would assume is ridiculously agressive and we will have to buy another ticket to get back in time to get on the ship by 7pm.

I have researched this topics for hours on end and still have so many questions. Thank you in advance to those of you who help me fine tune our trip in this, the highlight port of our cruise.

Jessica & Andrew (mother and son)
P.S. Love this website and forum!