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The weather in November is going to be pretty bad across the atlantic, however, there are a number of repositioning cruises this time of year that sail from the med to US or caribbean, and they rarely have trouble filling them.
My advice, yes it will be a fantastic cruise - days at sea, great ship.
The weather will be rough, you can almost bet on it, and to be honest these ships on repo cruises are not really built with Atlantic conditions in mind. My advice, go for a good standard of accommodation as you will probably spend more time in it as on regular cruises. But, you are correct in saying that the front and back will have the most movement.
With todays stabilising systems ships tend to 'corkscrew' though bad weather, which is fine mid-ships, but you get to the front or back and youll find they just go up and down... a long way, let me tell you! this movement is what makes many feel ill aboard ship.
Hope this is of help.