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Rockets has a $4.95 cover charge which includes all you want to eat and I think a couple of the desserts. But there are some desserts that cost more, and of course whatever you drink is at bar prices. However, C&A coupon books have one free visit - but we like Rockets and usually go twice which means we pay for the second visit.

They have good food - and the fries and onion rings are great because they arrive nice and hot. They originally didn't charge for Rockets but the teenagers would mob the place and never leave, which meant other guests couldn't get a seat. It still can be a challenge on the at-sea days if you go at the wrong time. We usually go on in-port days when we can walk right up and get a booth.

Food waste is not entirely on the passengers. The servers at Rockets always seem to keep bringing plates of the fries and rings without asking if you want more.