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Mambo's did it twice at half the price.
The steak fajitas were great, watch for the
PO PO before you order it, it will be the big thing with spikes all over it and looks like it is 2 feet tall and all kinds of food hanging on it. We didn't have it but everyone that did said it was very good. Nachos seem to be good if you like cheese sauce. The Margaritas were good and around $5.50. We were told when they have the younger crowds the 2 for 1 is early 5:30 to 7:30 - 8 pm most of the younger people like to eat later and with the older crowd the 2 for 1 is later like after 8 pm. They never told me when younger becomes older, you are only as old as you want to be. They say you gain about 5 lbs on a 7 day cruise so lose the 5 lbs before you go and eat all you want on the cruise. Philadelphia I was born there back in the late 40's so I must be one of the older crowd but I eat the early meals as well as the late ones and maybe both once.

Have a smashing good time on your cruise.

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