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Just based on personal feedback they are both excelent, a cut above the more mainstream lines. I tend to get more consistent rave reviews from Azamara although both are among the best out there. One thing that may be of interest, Azamara has been providing some air/sea specials lately on many European sailings that have been exceptional values. From some air gateways on the dates with such promotions the air is dirt cheap. I know someone will post that Oceania has a free air promotion. Buyer beware of that promo. That promotion is priced with some really high fees attached and if you remove the air, you'll see that the cruise was a whole lot cheaper under other promos making the free air promotion not such a great value. The Azamara program is truely a suppliment on the air costs, not a different marketing strategy to be sure everyone books cruiseline air. I'd shop the two for best itin and best value. You can't really go wrong with either line.

Cheers, Neil