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Another thing they're in the process of doing with a lot of sailings is "Savings Certificate" promotions. They have a website for agents to enter promotions for onboard credits and $$$ off on sailings. They were once few and far between. In the last week+ I've entered more promo codes than I have in the past year. Seems every sailing has some kind of promo code that needs to be entered. They're obviously playing with their marketing approach. They have so many of these, at one time when you entered one you had confirmation it had been applied within 24-48 hours. I called on one I entered a few days back and was told it may take 2-3 weeks to show up. That's just way too long to have to baby-sit my notes on each booking and have to follow up with the cruiseline to see if it's been done. I can't see my desk! Okay, I'm finished with my rant and whining. Sorry!

Cheers, Neil