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We went to Cozumel on Saturday the 24. We went to chanacanob as we always do. This is the first time we have been on a Saturday so there were quite a few locals there, who we enjoyed talking to.
We had been in the water and were sunning ourselves under one of the shade huts they have there, when I heard someone yelling from the water, my first thought was they should not yell someone will think they are in trouble, followed by about 10 seconds later more yelling and i thought again they should not yell someone will think they are in trouble this was falled by terrified screaming and I knew someone was in trouble. we ran to the shore and saw 3 young men basically drowning, one was able to pull away and started yelling in spanish hurry! hurry! the others 2 were going under. seems that one of the young men got to far out for his comfort level and his 2 friends tried to help, panic had set in and he pulled them under with him. at this point all I could do was pray, I dont know how to swim but I do go in with a life jacket and feel safe.
Out of every corner of Chanacanob these men came running and became flying fish it seemed but they got to these 2 young men,someone had a life jacket and got it on the inexperienced swimmer and the rest of the men honestly made a life line to get these men to shore. the men were so weak they could not get out of the water without help...I truely saw a miracle that day. These wonderful heros of chanacanob work there and saved these young me.