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Originally posted by Hooked-on-HAL:
I thought all cruise lines would do the muster drill before you set sail. Sounds like that is not the case. And doing the drill outside where you can see your lifeboat and be shown where the spare life jackets are housed is important. I agree that when doing the muster drill outside as HAL does, it is crowded and hot. But it only lasts 15 min.

What is a DOD?
Lifeboat drill times depend on when the ship leaves. Thus you don't see people having the drill at 10pm for ships that leave at night. I believe the rule is within 24 hours of leaving port.

Princess uses the logic that people shouldn't automatically expect their lifeboat station is safe to go to, and it is more likely that interior areas (lounges, showrooms) will be safe. So they designate interior areas as muster stations, and then should the need to head to the boats become necessary the crew will lead people to lifeboats that are usable. It is a great system which they've had experience with, sadly, within the past couple years - the Star Princess fire. If they had used outside muster stations in that situation, people on the port side would have been screwed since their stations were directly under the fire. I can't imagine what that panic would have looked like.

DOD is drink of the day.