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First, I'm addicted to music. Playing, listening to, reading about.

I hope my home won't ever burn into flames because I would wander here and there and in the end won't be able to save anything. The painful thing is that I had experienced this in 1983.
The place where my mates and I used to rehearse was folded with polystyrene, and took fire a day I was alone there.
I tried to grab something, but everything entangled in the microphone cables, fell down on the ground and this didn't allow me to save anything. All the equipment was reduced into ashes.
I got my ears burnt and had some problems with the toxic smoke I breathed in.

Second, I love cars, motors and everything is mechanical work.
By the way, what an excellent piece of work is a cruise ship...
I love fixing, repairing, I don't care having black fingers (on the weekend. You can't wear gloves when meeting people on Monday ...).
I love driving, and racing. I did it until some years ago.
I still drive fast sometimes, specially by night on mountain roads.
Sadly, all those weird machines police's gotten today prevent me to drive "with satisfaction" everyday.
Please note that in Italy we have an absurd 30 Mph speed limit almost everywhere, 80 on the highways.
Don't get me wrong: I never had a serious car crash, never injuried me or anyone. Just did bend some fender.

Third, recently I became very fond of languages. I loved them since my schooldays, but in the last six-seven years my interest is really grown so that I have attended many courses (German, French, Spanish), watch everyday Sat Tv in foreign languages and listen to a lot of music from different countries. Thanks internet ...

Fourth, I love playing tennis, soccer and skying.