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OK this is off topic in a way, please indulge.

As an example. In 1996 on my cruise to Jamaica I met some wonderful members of an African American small Church group on board. Well it was so good to see them when we were all at boarding gate and found out we were on the same flight back home. Well not so good about our flight, it was delayed for "mechanical". And all was nervous about boarding the plane after.

After a nervous flight, when was announced we were making descent to Atlanta. My new friend who was seated beside me without thought belted out "Oh Happy Day". Well that was all it took for the entire group from the Church to start softly singing. Well it took less than a minute for all of Cruisers, Black and White to join in and we were All singing and loudly.

If that happened today it would be considered a Security Threat for un-ruly behavior, and would be escorted by F-16's.

Another long, but true story.