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I read the wikipedia entry for John Finn. It tells how he was at his home on the base, which I assume means he was married, when his neighbor came over and said they wanted him down at the hangar. The mental image I got was here he was, probably sitting at a kitchen table with his family and having breakfast. The radio is playing music. And then in the span of a maybe 5 or 10 minutes he went from that peaceful scene to a blazing flight line, planes strafing him as he struggled to pull a machine gun out into the open and started firing back at them.

But then that scene was true for everyone at Pearl Harbor that morning. A quiet morning in paradise to a terrible attack in mere moments.

We have a couple Pearl Harbor survivors in this area. I met a former POW of Germany several years ago. He died last year.

There were many underage veterans of WWII but even the youngest of them have to be 80 now.

The thing about all the WWII veterans I've known is how quiet they are about the war.