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we also did the falls in sept. on our own it was cheaper than with the tour..bring your own water shoes to avoid the rental...they make it sound like shoes are required but they are not, i saw a few people climb it barefoot....after scoping out the route from the observation points, i just got in near the last big climbing point and got my fill in that don't have to start at the bottom and hold hands till the top...a usefull tip is to try to walk on the dark colored rocks...they are free of slippery slime that makes certain paths look lighter in the water...most importantly dont do it if your not comfortable, we saw some old ladies with terrified looks on thier faces forcing themselves up a difficult climb with the locals calling encouragement...the beach was not worth snorkeling and a chair cost $5...they had jet skis for rent very cheap just outside the swimming area $30 for an hour.