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hi all
this is not reccommended for anyone to ever attempt! if you are a serious cruise junkie like myself it is EXTREMELY difficult to keep your mouth shut. it is just me and my wife and this has been in the works since july and it was one of the most diificult things i have ever done. the planning was fun but the fact that i could not talk about it with the only other member of my household was excrutiating. she did her own packing. i told her we were going to new york for a couple of days and that we had a room overlooking the water with a great view of the statue of liberty. i also said that we would be going out to eat and seeing some shows. all in all, i did not lie! i did however have a seperate bag packed with some essentials that i knew she would need but would not think to pack for a new york trip in october. i.e bathing suit, flip flops, bungee cord, surge protector you know all the cruise essentials. but if i had to do it all again i would in a heartbeat. her expressions and emotions were priceless and worth every bit of the time and effort i spent on pulling this off!