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Originally posted by penny3333:
Macmom111, you know there are going to be those on board that will be whining, conspiring for a mutiny, getting ready to spread it all over the internet, spilling their guts to anyone who will listen, and making sure everyone knows it was Carnival's fault (even though it's not).

I really feel for the crew!!!
Absolutely, I thought about the crew. More specifically the cast, The social hosts, the dancers the singers, the CD and the Entertainment Manager. It will fall to them to try and entertain 3300 people with Bingo, ad hoc shows and what ever they can think of. My daughter says that when the ship gets off the normal routine they work double hard to keep people at least doing something. I'm glad she is not on this ship

Has any one heard a cause for the fire yet? It is a fairly new ship.