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Just a quick note on the this ship and ports of call.

The ship is FANTASTIC! WOW! Never really felt the boat move. The sensation of movement was very minimal.

Grand Caymen was great. If you don't schedule an excursion through Carnival (you'll find it cheaper elsewhere) the short trip to the beach is worth the $5 or $6.

Shopping is okay, not really any bargins unless you're in for a good bottle of rum.

Cozumel -- awsome. Deals are there if you wait until the afternoon and you can pick up some great deals. Don't make any offers and don't get sucked into everystore -- and don't get liquored up.

Belize -- totally third country. Once outside the wall of the port travel in a in numbers. This port of call has a lot of traveling once you're off the boat...whichever way you want to go. Not all that attractive either.

Roatan -- nice, but worse of all for haggeling. Expect to pay to get to the beach. Taxi's START out $50 for two people to head to the closest beach. You can talk them down, but this port of call has the fastest turn around time. The money you settle on does not include the tip.

The driver's will gather just outside of the gate. Suggestion is to speak as loudly as possible (not yelling) and say you're willing to pay...(you fair price) and just prepared to walk away as well and watch what will happen...

If you're on or considering this cruise, you're booking the right one. This was my first cruise and now I'm looking at a second cruise.

The only drawback I see with Carnival is the MANDATORY tip assessed on each passanger. I think some of the staff worked harder than others and deserved more.

If you have a vehicle to park, check out the Double Tree. The park and ride fee is $40 a lot cheaper than the $84 self park or the $100 vallet. Also if you can use the self-de-embarkation.