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i went on a 7 day carnival triumph sept 2nd and it was still the same. we had a balcony on lido deck and a group of 15 or so 18-20 somethings had the 7 inside cabins opposite us all the way down the hall...the first few nights we had drunks standing in the halls having verbal fights that woke us up at 3am... i made a point to find out which cabin disturbed me and knocked on thier door every morning bright and early going to and from breakfast, just to return the favor of being woke up.
Does carnival care?, do they send security if you ask them to settle the party punks down? can they throw them off the ship for being annoying? i doubt it on all three accounts. Spoiled brats are a big reason i dont cruise disney and drunk teens are not much better. Party in your cabin or in the clubs but not in the hall, some folks have no respect. Since carnival promotes the "party boat" image thats what you get.