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I'm on the Pearl this Friday:-)...

Resort casual is a nice shirt and slacks for men, blouse, sweater, pants, skirt, dress for the ladies....BUT...I've seen people in not so nice clothes and nobody seems to stop them from eating in the main dining room...NCL has a newer policy of NICE jeans allowed....On formal nights a suit, sports coat with tie or without is very exceptable for men...ladies nice dress, pantsuit, etc. Some do really dressup with the tuxs and cocktail dresses..but not so much anymore...Some consider Jeans and a clean t-shirt as formal's your choice and part of the reason I like the Freestyle concept. I did one RCL cruise last year and did see jeans worn on formal peoples mindset is changing....Dress in a fashion that you are comfortable with....I do...but then I wear a sport coat, tie, nice reason is because my wife says I have too....Happy Sailing...

Bob E