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I have just realised that I am talking to Americans when I am from Australia. We have Long Service leave here which I relise is unique to Australia. I have six months leave from work and I also have the opportunity to sell some of my leave back to my employer to fund the trip. This is historical from when we were a British Colony and needed time to get back to England to see family etc. It has just lived on in Australia. We are very unionised and have excellent working conditions

I am doing 3 cruises by your standards. one around Hawaii then over to Vancouver then to Alaska. This is very normal for an Australian . We are so far away from the rest of you all that we would never think of having a holiday fro just one week. It would be a waste of money.

I now realise I will meet 3 groups of cruisers so it probably does not matter if I smell too much . Just joking .