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Let me start this post by telling you that I was in Alaska about 12 years ago, so many things may have changed. We flew into Anchorage and flew home from Vancouver.
It was amazing to see that Alaska had this state-of-the art city complete with skyscapers and a Kmart. The streets were blooming with flowers and it was 70 degrees. We had the chance to stay a day, aclimate to the time change and get the full effect of the long daylight.
We took a Princess transfer to Seward. Our bus driver/tour guide was an amazing woman who was a biology teacher during the year and had spent time in some the remote regions during her college years. She stopped along the way to let us take pictures. It was a wonderful, unexpected addition to our trip!
Whetever you do and where ever you choose to board, you will have an amazing journey that will stay with you forever.

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