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We went to sail on Royal Caribbeans Vision of the Seas on Sept. 14, 2007. I had called R.C. before we went on our cruise and told them that we were thinking of getting our passports and they told us that we could but not to worry about it just as long as we had our birth certificates that it would be fine. I thought I would even double check and got on their website where it states in absence of a passport a birth certificate either orginal or certified was acceptable. When we went to board I was denied boarding because I did not have a certified copy of my birth certificate. They would not help us at all. We had to keep trying to find someone just to answer our questions. They told us to go over to some chairs to sit until we could figure it out. They would not offer us a refund or let us sail at a later date. We had to pay to get our plane tickets changed since we were not to fly out for another week. Everytime we have tried to contact us they just say we should of known better. I wrote a letter to the president of the company who had a secretary answer my letter who offered no help at all. Come to find out they are not even members of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says that their advertising tactics are in question. I wonder why? I would never sail Royal Caribbean again a and would like to tell my story to everyone who has thought about sailing with them not to do it. We saved up for more that 2 years to take this trip for our 15 year anniversary. It was devestating to lose all that money plus spend that alone time with my husband.