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As cruisers whether it is RCL, CCL, or NCL we must remember that these companies have huge investments into their ships and operations. As with any company that generates revenues, they need to generate profits and the major cruise companies have shareholders to answer to. They do that by delivering profits to the bottom lines. While some cruisers feel that items charged like the room service fee are nickle and dime type charges, I think we should all expect extra charges like the above will continue to prevail amoung the cruise line companies. They will do whatever it takes to record profitable operations. While we can all think that $3.95 may be a large fee, it really isn't. If you stay at a hotel and order room service, you usually always provide a tip, and then you have to pay for the food. Sure is a great deal, when you can order anything on the cruise line room service menu, and only pay $3.95. That's pretty darn cheap. Also delivery is pretty quick.